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Leslie E.   

Peter and I began working together as I recovered from an incomplete spinal cord injury that left me paralyzed from the neck down. Relearning how to walk, regain my ability to balance, understand where my limbs were in space, and trust in my ability to maneuver even simple things like stepping up and down from a curb have been major milestones that I’ve accomplished with Peter’s careful guidance. I am firmly convinced that without the in-depth knowledge of body mechanics, solid experience working with patients in physical rehabilitation settings, empathy, warm, caring manner and terrific sense of humor that Peter brought to every training session over the past 18 months, I would not have made the remarkable progress that I have. We’re even working on some jogging these days. It’s been a challenging recovery and Peter has — quite literally — been there every step of the way.

Jo Ann T.   

Peter visits my mother often at her assisted living facility. He has earned her trust (which is so important for the elderly) and she will do as he instructs. He has been able to reduce the aches and pains she has because of the stretching techniques he uses and has been able to strengthen her muscles helping her to walk better. I cannot recommend them enough! Peter not only helped my mother to reduce pain, he also will fill in at her bridge game!

Jeremy S.   

Peter is particularly effective in that he is professional, kind, competent, and confident. He is also both modest and patient, taking the time to fully understand the nature of my condition, before-then tailoring the training accordingly. More-than a year ago, I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition in which the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid is blocked, causing problems with memory, balance, gait, and concentration. After some initial physical therapy sessions at NRH (Montrose Road), I began working with Peter in my home. My mobility was limited by my condition, so I found the home-visit option to be of great benefit. Peter instills in me the necessary confidence with which to work toward my recovery. He provides encouragement without ever pushing too hard. He is experienced, but he is also interested in furthering his education in the field. He arrives at my home with a clear idea of what he wants us to accomplish on a given day. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, my trainer collaborates with other staff members in order to provide the best treatment possible.

David D.   

Over the past 6 months I have enjoyed the personal training of Peter Francis. He has helped me strengthen my body after I was in an auto accident that broke my neck, requiring a fusion if my vertebrae from C-1 through C-6. I had extensive outpatient care, but needed home care to help toward the completion of my rehab. I googled around and came up with a find. Peter is dedicated to helping the elderly and he does it with a positive attitude –and a smile. I’m very impressed with his knowledge of the human body and what makes it work. He works with me twice a week -is always very punctual, and has his itinerary of work for the session well planned out. As I said– Peter was a “find.”

Brian W.   

I am very glad that I found RenewMe Fitness. My goal is to get out of my wheelchair and walk independently again, and my trainer helps to keep me focused. My trainer is very knowledgeable, caring, kind and flexible. After 6 months of training, my flexibility, strength, breathing and walking have improved exponentially. I can see my goal of getting out of my wheelchair getting closer each day. Working with a Personal Trainer from RenewMe Fitness is one of the best decisions I ever made.