Our Trainers


Peter FrancisPeter Francis, Owner

Peter is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He graduated from Salisbury University with a BS in Exercise Science with an Allied Health track. Peter worked as a physical therapy aide for nearly three years guiding patients with injuries or conditions through exercise. Peter has a passion for training the 50+ population, especially those with neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, and stroke. His experience and knowledge in sports and physical therapy help him motivate clients to exercise more functionally while maintaining proper form. Peter values the opportunity to connect and develop lasting relationships with his clients. He loves the stories they tell and the wisdom they offer. In his free time, Peter enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, taking his dogs for nature walks, working out, and playing sports.


Michael MendelsonMichael Mendelson

Michael is a certified personal trainer through the American Counsel on Exercise (ACE). He recognizes the pursuit of fitness and healthy living as being a vital element in working through his own weight problems as a child. As an adult, Michael has worked in gyms, with athletic teams, has spent the past few years working as a physical therapy assistant, and is now studying for a degree in Nursing. Michael’s varied experiences in the healthcare industry have given him an appreciation in working with people and helping them recover and rejuvenate, physically and mentally. His experience in athletic training and physical therapy has helped him acquire a knowledge base focusing on functional movement, balance, and proper form. When he’s not working or putting his nose in medical books, Michael enjoys working out, playing board games with friends, and finding new restaurants to try.


Michelle CarterMichelle Carter

Michelle is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She graduated from Salisbury University with her MS in Health Physiology with a track in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. She is currently working as an Exercise Physiologist in multiple hospitals throughout Maryland. Due to her specialty in Cardiopulmonary Rehab, she has a love for patients who are 50 and older who seek to improve their overall health and wellness. Michelle wants to instill trust and motivation in each person she interacts with to ensure their lives are made easier day by day. Michelle enjoys training for half marathons, reading mystery books, and playing with her 3 year old niece.


John HallstedJohn Hallsted

John Hallsted received his certification as a personal trainer and pre/post rehabilitation specialist from the National Strength Performance Association. With over ten years of experience in the field, he has trained numerous clients in all age groups. His objective is to understand a client’s fitness goal and provide a safe and effective exercise program that achieves results. John’s specific training addresses many common ailments such as injuries, repetitive stress syndrome, neck and low back pain. Poor posture and weak core development are what he sees as typical problems much of the general population have to deal with in everyday life. John believes that a proper strength program which emphasizes mobility, flexibility, and core stability are the keys for improving movement and function. Some of John’s other passions include painting and exhibiting his artworks around town. He is an ardent sports fan for tennis and World Cup Football.


LaurenLauren Scott

Lauren is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a CHEK Institute certified Holistic Life Coach. Lauren discovered the magic of fitness and health late in life as a way to combat anxiety and depression. She is particularly interested in the way that physical health relates to mental and emotional wellbeing. She aims to integrate personal training with individualized counseling in order to help her clients live more honest, free and fulfilling lives. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga, lifting weights, photography, and pretty much any other form of self expression.


LaurenMoufty Lawani

Moufty Lawani is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. He has an Associates degree in Health Fitness and received his Bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University, majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Health. He is currently working as a Personal Trainer and as a Wellness Professional in a retirement community. Moufty loves working with seniors and is very passionate about martial arts, health, and fitness. He enjoys traveling around the world, weightlifting, riding motorcycles, jogging, practicing mixed martial arts, and spending time with his family. His favorite quote is: “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity to affect those around him positively.”